Spiritual Website Design for Intuitives, Life Coaches, and Energy Healers

If you are like most cutting-edge entrepreneurs, you have spent time and money to create a website that attracts your ideal client to your business. If your website and current marketing campaigns are not working for you, I can help.

Healing arts professionals, holistic and metaphysical schools and learning centers, artists, green businesses or something in between, you are in the right place to build your brand and website.
Website and logo design of course…I can also help with search engine optimization, landing pages, graphic design and branding, setting up MailChimp, an appointment scheduler, creating a membership and/or e-commerce solution and more.  Think of me as your creative, tech, and marketing partner. I love working in the holistic and spiritual field because I am one of you!  Learn more…
Heather LaCroix is the owner of Third Eye Design Studio.  She has 20 plus years of experience in the web and graphic design field.  Heather can help you build the website and branding of your dreams that completely fits you and your business!  Learn more…

Sound Familiar?

  • Does your current website does not reflect your heart, soul, and purpose in a way that translates to your ideal client?
  • Is your current web and marketing team is not specialized in serving heart-centered and spiritual entrepreneurs, so something is getting lost in the communication?
  • Is your site and social media are out of date or not bold enough to cause the necessary emotional response so that people can feel you?
  • Your content is boring, repetitive, or your voice is not coming across clearly?
  • Your website seems generic and does not stand out from other practitioners who offer similar services, and this does not support your vibration?
  • You’re feeling frustrated and defeated, and desire support and coaching that moves you toward the tribe and following you are building?
  • You’re passionate and excited about the work that you do and are ready to take your business to the next level with greater visibility?
  • Are you are ready to jump in with both feet and surrender to success?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, give yourself a pat on the back. You found yourself here and I cannot wait to connect with you.

I was where you are, once upon a time, and know exactly how much your vision and practice means to you. I know that you stay awake at night feeling into the success and magic that you want to create in your business. I know you want your branding, content, and marketing to reflect your purpose, your passion, and your total commitment to making a difference in the world; both in your own life and the lives of your clients. I get you!


I know how important it is today for Spiritual and Enlightened Entrepreneurs like yourself to show up, serve, and bring about healing. I share your vision and work exclusively with practitioners just like you and want to get to know you.


I offer a complimentary consultation and would like to explore how I can support you in the vision, improvements, and the impact you were born to make. Let’s find out if your website and branding reflects YOU.  Let’s see if we can see if you are bringing in the right people and customers.


You deserve a website that truly communicates your vision, passion, and intention. Don’t put it off another minute. 

Some of my work...

My mission is to blend the artistry of graphic design with spirituality to bring your unique vision to life. I understand that the holistic and spiritual industries require a special touch, and I am dedicated to creating designs that resonate with your brand.

Semi-Custom Website Design for Spiritual & Holistic Entrepreneurs

spiritual web templates
spiritual web templates
spiritual web templates

Completely Customized Holistic & Spiritual Website Designs

holistic web design
holistic web design
holistic web design

Logo Designs for Spiritual & Holistic Entrepreneurs

Holistic Transformational Life Coach Website
Holistic Transformational Life Coach Website

DIY Template Shop

Holistic Transformational Life Coach Website
Holistic Transformational Life Coach Website

Ready to work together?

Happy Collaborations

I enjoyed having Heather work on my website. And I enjoyed her sunny personality. She was easy to work with and very honest and fair. Try her out. You’ll like her and your website results.
Margaret Harrell

Light Angel Editing, Books, and Conscious Courses

Heather was so easy to work with. She was open, responsive, came up with a great design. She also made recommendations about other helpful services if needed. She is committed and focused and excellent at web design!!

Judy Cline

Judith Cline - Life Coach, Energy Healer and Nutritionist

“I’m stoked about how entirely different and much more beautiful my little website has become. I really appreciate your mighty large role in that…Peace be wit’chu Heather!”
Jonathan Van Valin


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