Search Engine Optimization

What is search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is making your website more accessible to the search engines so the people who are interested and looking for your product or service can find you. There is a way to structure, code, and use text and images on your website so you are more easily found.

How does it work?

I first start off by getting an idea of who your customers are and then do a keyword analysis to find out the most highly trafficked keywords with the least amount of competition. Then we use these keywords in the structure, images, text, and the information that shows up in search for each page (metatags) so your website pages will come up when someone searches for these words. I also install a way for you to see your traffic and for the search engines to make sure each one of your pages is indexed.  If you want traffic right away I also recommend a Google Adwords campaign.

Then what?

I recommend a strategy for keeping your ranking high which includes content marketing, social media, and email newsletters. Over time with consistent marketing and an optimized website, your rank will greatly improve and inquiries and sales increase!

Starting at $250 based on a five-page website.

Although I learned search engine optimization in 2011, I upgraded my skills on in 2018 with the latest course.  I am always updating my skills.

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