Affordable SEO Packages for Small Business

My affordable organic SEO services are designed to help your website connect with people seeking your product or service. I focus on structuring, coding, and optimizing content, making it easier for search engines to spotlight your site.

How does it work?

Initially, I delve into your customer base and conduct keyword analysis, identifying popular yet less competitive keywords. These are incorporated into your website’s framework, visuals, and text, ensuring higher visibility when users search for these terms. I also implement tracking tools to monitor your website traffic and guarantee search engine indexing for all your pages.

What’s the next step?

I’ll recommend a strategy to sustain your top ranking. This involves leveraging content marketing, social media, and email newsletters. Through consistent efforts and a finely tuned website, your ranking will soar, generating more inquiries and sales!

How it works – Affordable Organic SEO


Step 1 – Let’s Work Together

What do you aim for, and who’s your target audience?


Step 2 – Digging Deeper

Researching keywords tied to your goals and page content.


Step 3 – Putting Plans into Action

Using those keywords to revamp text, titles, and descriptions, as well as images, ensuring better visibility on search engines


Step 4 – Expert Advice & Strategy Session

Recommendations on marketing to get your rankings going.

One and Done On Page SEO – $386


Ready to work together?