Psychedelic and Visionary Art Store

My personal art is very different from my commercial art.  Some of these are taken from dreams or meditation, or inspired by my favorite shows.


Soft, stretchy, and comfortable yoga leggings.


Long, short, and tank top tees psychedelic styles


Low Top Woman's Psychedelic Sneakers

What is psychedelic and visionary art?

Psychedelic and visionary art is most known as creating art in an altered state of consciousness.  My preferred state of mind is using meditation and music to get into that mindset to allow the images to come forth.  I enjoy doing a short meditation to set an intention, as well as keeping the music primed to trippy electronic.  Some of my favorite bands to listen to while creating art are Desert Dwellers, Blue Tech, and Sphongle.  There are many more though.

My colorful and psychedelic art

Jellybean Mandala
DNA Wormhole
Mountain Stargate
Inside Light by Deborah DeNicola
Mountain Stargate

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