Wellness Logos
Professional Logo Design

Click on each logo for a larger view. Make a good impression with a personal stamp for your business. Each logo is designed with your preferences and colors in mind as well as your target market. Don’t do it yourself, hire a professionally trained designer for your company’s new logo design.  Find out how we can work together.

Logo Design for Tarot Reader
Linda Howe - How to Read the Akashic Records
Holistic Unity Logo Design
Linda Howe - How to Read the Akashic Records
Holistic Unity Logo Design
Boise Tachyon Healing Center
The Cat Caterer - Logo Design for cat care company
Energy Healer Logo Design - Sacral Bloom
Seaside Cats - Cat Logo Design
Holistic Healer Logo Design
Harmonize & Heal - Holistic Logo Design for Energy Healer

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