The Five Habits for the Healthy Empath

This book cover design is tailored for the title 'The Five Habits for the Healthy Empath.' Within its pages, discover how empaths can harness the elemental forces to anchor themselves in their inner strength. Sula, the author, seamlessly integrates the transformative...

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Sales page for Inner Light Teaching

Spiritual & Holistic Web Design Beth needed a sales page to promote her online meditation course so I created one.  She has a downloadable self-paced course and another version where it is one on one.  I even created a new cover for the workbook that matches the...

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New website for A Bridge to Wisdom

Spiritual & Holistic Web Design I just launched this new website for a healer, Jeanie Hopkins, who specializes in seniors. I designed the logo, social media, and scheduling branding, as well as the website. "My mission is to help others connect to their own inner...

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