My Story

Website and Graphic Designer

Hi! I’m Heather. Are you cross-eyed working on your website? Do you fear setting up a site? I help people create eye-pleasing websites completely optimized for SEO (aka Search Engine Optimization). What does this mean for you? People can find you easily on the internet! Now, what business wants to hide? Not yours!

Are you SEO challenged? It’s okay. I am here to walk you through the maze to create a clear path through all the technical jumbo. I provide you with the tools to attract clients and sales by turning your traffic into customers!

My top clients strive to make this experience called Earth an easier, healthier, and more joyful place. Are you a green initiative, holistic practice, or an entrepreneurial venture?  I work with people all over the United States. Let’s talk!


My Experience helps your business!

  • More than 20 plus years of experience as a graphic and web designer. More than 12 as a business owner for Third Eye Design Studio.
  • A WordPress Expert – 100’s of sites in the world run on WordPress.
  • Degrees in Marketing and Graphic Design
  • My passion is for creating and making things look great and function properly!
  • Using my natural intuitive ability I find practical ways to come up with solutions and new designs.
  • I love being a designer and bring a sense of fun to each project. What’s the point of working if it is not fun? Right!

Working Corporate

I did not always know what I wanted to do.  Back in the late nineties, I worked in a boring corporate job in data entry, but it paid the bills.  I remember praying and asking God/Source/Creator to show me how I can be creative and what would make me happy as a career.

A Guardian Angel Steps In

how I became a web designerA couple of weeks later I was on a plane from Florida to Connecticut to visit my family and friends and sat next to an older man. He was friendly and extra chatty. We talked about where I was going and what I did for a living. I do not remember telling him how unsatisfied I was with my work but for some reason, he mentioned I would enjoy web design, and to look into it. 

I felt a chill along my spine and we kept chatting. Afterward, I knew I needed to learn more about it and pursue this path.  I never heard from him again but I think he was what you call one of those earth angels to step in and give guidance.


At home, I started receiving catalogs from the community college on design courses.  I took one course and never looked back, learning the nuances of design at school while teaching myself how to build a website from scratch in my spare time. 


The art and creative courses were my favorites.  I decided to go back to school for my degree in Graphic Design.  Along the way, I met someone at work who liked to paint, and they inspired me to try my hand. My first painting was not bad.  I realized I had a natural talent for drawing and painting.  To this day, the illustration part of logo design is one of my more favorite things to do.

In the Business

After design school, I designed ads for a local newspaper. I learned how to work quickly and under pressure  The next job as a web designer for an internet company I learned the tech side and how to promote a website.  Simultaneously, I created a side business building websites for small businesses.  The job at the internet company dissolved in 2007 and I was forced to freelance for income while looking for a new job.  I hustled up new projects so well I decided this was not freelancing, it was a real business! Now years later my business, Third Eye Design Studio, continues to grow every year!

My favorite thing about helping you!

It is incredibly satisfying to co-create your perfectly branded logo or website. I enjoy when I find out a client’s event was a hit because the email newsletter I designed caught their customer’s eye and brought them in to learn more.  I am grateful knowing my work is creating results for my clients so they can be of service on a broader scale.     

Away from the office…

When I am not designing or finding online marketing solutions for clients, I enjoy the beautiful mountains of the Asheville area of North Carolina with my fiancé.  My favorite things are nature, animals, gardening, and hiking. Daily meditation brings more balance to my day.  Nature helps with creative ideas for my clients, as well as my life. 
My other love is science fiction. The Star Gate series are my favorite movie and television shows. I find time travel fascinating and will watch or read anything on the subject.

Curious to know more, here are a few things you don’t know about me…

Heather Fun Factoids!

  • I love to cook and bake.  With baking, I have gotten to the point where I don’t burn everything I create.
  • My ethnic heritage is Polish, French, and German
  • I taught myself how to read and interpret an astrology chart 20 years ago. I have given readings to friends, family and myself.
  • I am a second degree Reiki and Level I Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner.
  • I believe in the Law Of Attraction and conciously build my business using this law.  If you are reading this, then we attracted each other!
  • I love locally brewed craft beer.  I especially love a good IPA.
  • I have finally embraced the fact I am an introvert. But you would probably not guess it because I am very friendly and will talk to anyone.  But, nature, animals, movies, books and creating make me happy.

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