Google Updates on SEO and Suggestions on what to do about it

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SEO Latest Updates

I receive a newsletter from a niche site entrepreneur, Tony Hill. I found him on YouTube and liked what he was saying so I subscribed. This one article was important because he talks about the updates to Google relating to AI content, and how it could affect your website.  Plus, he offers suggestions based on what he is doing to stay on top. They were all solid ideas, so I wanted to share them. 

FYI, I use AI content but not all that much.  I have asked it to write some text and then I like to change it, A LOT. I have NOT noticed any drops in my traffic, in fact, a bit of an increase.  I think it is because I spent three months either getting rid of old blog posts or re-vamping them to stay relevant now. I am not getting a huge jump but it is pretty decent for the niche clientele I have carved out for myself.  People are finding me.

“The writing is on the wall… Google hates niche sites, or what they call “sites made to rank on Google.” What I’m seeing with Google de-indexing sites is nothing like I’ve ever seen in my 19 years of doing SEO. What Google fails to remember is that its search engine was built on the backs of “sites made to rank on Google.” (Even if they do remember, they don’t care. They’ve got big pockets and bigger problems to deal with). Let me walk you through how we got here:”

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