My website traffic has dropped dramatically, and how I fixed it!

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I finally finished fixing my website!!!  Yes!  I am so happy about that because it was a long and tedious process.  I did not have the best year, business-wise, and one major issue was that Google wasn’t indexing many of my important pages and blog posts, leading to a lack of traffic. I dug into the problem, did some research, and found a solution. With more website designers entering my niche of holistic, spiritual, and eco-friendly businesses, there was increased competition as well.

My Solution to fixing my website traffic issue
Over the last three months, I’ve been going through every page on my website and blog posts, even those from over ten years ago, to ensure they were indexed. I made decisions to delete outdated content due to changes in technology or clients going out of business. For the keepers, I updated them with new information, and photos, and refreshed keyphrases for SEO. The crucial step was adding them to Google Search Console’s Url Inspection Tool to check and request indexing. This process took three months, as I dedicated 30 minutes each day because I couldn’t find a large chunk of time.  I had to make a living and did not want to take time off for this, so 30 minutes was it.


Want to know how to index your pages using Google Search Console?  Here is a quick video.

As someone who specializes in holistic businesses, I also embody those principles in my life. Alongside fixing my website, updating pages and packages, and increasing marketing efforts, I visualized my goals and undertook a significant clutter cleanup while applying feng shui to my home and office. Taking action is crucial in energy and manifesting work, and I am seeing results! I’m now quite busy, and people are interested in my new services like maintenance and marketing, even without me promoting them all that much. Interestingly, these clients were unaware of these services before reaching out to me. I think the feng shui and visualizing are working!

Here is what ChatGPT says on how to make sure your website pages are showing up in the search engines.

“To improve the chances of Google indexing new pages:

  • Ensure high-quality, original content that adds value to users.
  • Check for any technical issues hindering crawl ability and fix them.
  • Avoid using noindex tags or directives unless intentionally keeping pages out of search results.
  • Build trust and authority for your website through reputable links and following best practices.

Regularly monitoring your website’s performance through tools like Google Search Console can help identify and resolve issues preventing the indexing of new pages.”

I’m Heather and my mission is to blend the artistry of graphic design with spirituality to bring your unique vision to life. I understand that the holistic and spiritual industries require a special touch, and I am dedicated to creating designs that resonate with your brand.


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