Page Views vs Visits

Believe it or not, I have been trying to wrap my head around a website visit and a view as far as traffic statistics.  I think the confusion is many explanations are so long-winded.  Here is my simple explanation of your website traffic for whatever statistic program you are looking at:

Visits are when ONE person goes to your website and they browse to as many pages as they want and it will be ONE visit.

Page views versus Visits

Views are the total amount of pages viewed on your website, whether it is by one person or different people.

Views are normally higher than visits.

Here is what Chat GPT says.  I prefer my explanation.  I think it is too wordy, which is one reason why I do not think AI will be taking over our jobs.

“In website, statistics, “visits” and “views” are two commonly used terms that provide insights into the traffic and engagement on a website. Here’s an explanation of each term:

  1. Visits: A visit refers to a single browsing session on a website. It represents the period of time during which a user interacts with the website without any significant gaps in activity. A visit begins when a user accesses the website, either by typing the URL directly into the browser or by clicking on a link from another website, search engine, or external source. It ends when the user leaves the website or remains inactive for a specific duration, typically around 30 minutes or more.

Visits help measure the overall traffic volume and indicate the number of unique browsing sessions on a website. For example, if a website receives 100 visits in a day, it means that 100 distinct sessions of user activity occurred, regardless of the number of pages viewed or the duration of each session.

  1. Views: A view, also known as a page view or a page impression, refers to the total number of times a particular web page is accessed or loaded by users. It signifies the number of times a webpage’s content has been displayed to visitors, regardless of whether it was displayed to the same user multiple times or to different users.

Views provide insights into the popularity and reach of specific web pages on a website. For instance, if a blog post has 500 views, it means that the page has been accessed or loaded 500 times, reflecting the level of interest or engagement with that particular content.”

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