I have been playing around with Canva over the past few months.  I still love Photoshop and Illustrator as the graphic designer’s choice, but I can see the benefits of Canva. 

Here are some key differences.

  1. Complexity: Photoshop is a professional-grade software with a steep learning curve, while Canva is more user-friendly and designed for beginners.
  2. Cost: Photoshop is a paid software that requires a subscription, while Canva offers a free version with limited features and a paid version with additional features.
  3. Features: Photoshop offers more advanced features like detailed photo editing and extensive customization options, while Canva offers a simpler interface with easy-to-use design templates and drag-and-drop tools.  Photoshop offers more flexibility in taking what is in your mind and imagination and making it a real art project.  I have had some roadblocks in Canva as far as not having more features.
  4. Accessibility: Canva is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, while Photoshop requires installation on a computer.
  5. File types: Photoshop can work with a wider range of file types, including RAW image files, while Canva is limited to working with JPEG, PNG, and SVG file types.

Conclusion: If you need advanced photo editing and customization options, Photoshop may be the better choice. If you need a simpler tool for creating social media graphics, flyers, or presentations, Canva should be your go-to.

The good thing is Canva is great for people who want to do it themselves.  I think it is super easy to learn for a nongraphic designer.  But, for people that need a professional touch for marketing projects, I would be happy to create a custom template for you in Canva and you can use it over and over again.  Once I hand over your template, it’s yours to change as much as you want without coming back to me for edits.  I think if you use flyers on a regular basis, or even Mailchimp graphics, I can help. This would be good for design projects that need changing on a regular basis but you want to keep the same brand, look, and feel. 


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