Business Housekeeping 101 in three easy steps!

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Example of a website review

Every six months or so you should…

1. Review your site, this could be done by a friend also, ask for broken links, and things that no longer are relevant. Content must be refreshed from time to time and kept current.

2. Review your online presence, and once again, refresh and delete old outdated material. 

3. Google yourself, Try it, and see what comes up. Donating articles to online and hard copy magazines, promoting classes and workshops, and even social media will drive more traffic to Google. Bonus points if you ask for reviews and add to your websites. 

Those are the most obvious yet overlooked tasks to build your client base. 

What three things should I focus on daily? Funny, you should ask. 

Think of three things to get done on a daily basis. Some experts say six, you do what works for you.  

Work on your magic three only, Keep it sacred, and honor your time. Keep your daily goals in sight until completion, write them down, all over the place if you need to.

Once you completely finish your daily goals, add another three for the next day. At the end of the week, you will see how far you’ve come. Then on Sunday chose your goals for the next week. Have 3 new goals or repeat if not done. This is the compound effect. Staying on the track sounds easy, but it’s not! 

We live in a world and time of interruptions! Never before in history has there been so many distractions! I personally write the task I am currently working on and keep it next to me on a piece of paper until it is completed. Sounds elementary, but it works, this way when the phone calls, texts, and emails pull me off task, I can look down at my paper and get right back to it! 

Your weekly goals should be stepping stones to your big rocks. Stay on the path. Re-evaluate your big rocks quarterly and adjust as needed.

This article was reprinted with the permission of Sheri Mraz, owner of Wellness Cooking Academy.  You can find out more about her and her services below.

I’m Heather and my mission is to blend the artistry of graphic design with spirituality to bring your unique vision to life. I understand that the holistic and spiritual industries require a special touch, and I am dedicated to creating designs that resonate with your brand.


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