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by | Feb 6, 2023 | Search Engine Marketing Tactics, SEO | 0 comments

A friend was asking me how to get more traffic on his YouTube videos.  I have to say, I am no expert because I only have 94 subscribers on my own, but on one or two videos I have over 1,000 views.  These are how-to videos on the ins and outs of a WordPress website.  What did I do? 

My plan has been to use good keyphrases in the title and description of the videos, just like a website page.  Videos come up in Google search as well as YouTube search.  In addition, I set up folders in Pinterest with optimized titles and descriptions and started pinning my videos to the folders.  I shared my video links on my website and social media. I hoped it caught on.  Some have done quite well, and others, not so much.

When I create and upload a YouTube video, I do a bit of keyword research just for that video and find the best ones.  I then use the most appropriate keyphrases in the title and description area, in YouTube uploads.  This shows up in the search.  This might be helpful to some people looking to increase their visibility on the network.

I am looking for suggestions on YouTube topics.  Is there anything you think would make a good topic?  Really, anything.  I am open to many different topics, so send me a note and please let me know. 


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