Is there a Free FeedBurner Alternative?

About ten years ago, I used a similar service called Feedburner, but after Google bought it, it pretty much stopped working.  The plugin Jetpack for WordPress offers this as well, but a couple of years ago it was not doing what it was supposed to do, so I took it off my website and any others I built.

Fast forward to 2022, a client asked to use the sign-up for the newsletter box I designed for her website to subscribe to my blog instead.  I did a bit of research and found Follow It, which is a free feedburner alternative and implemented it on her website.  I think it is easy to use, free for basic services, and does what it is supposed to do.

Here is what their subscription box looks like on my website.  Because you can customize the font and colors, I matched it to my branding.


If you want to add it to your website or have me do it for you, go check out FOLLOW IT.  I think it is important to make it super easy for people to receive your updates, and this service does just that!

How to use the Free Feedburner Alternative, Follow It

If you do end up doing it yourself, I recommend using not using the social media plugin they recommend.  Skip down to the small print where it says “Don’t want to use a plugin? You can also place the follow-options manually.” 

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