Did you know font choices are an important part of your branding, whether it be a new logo or website?  Whenever I begin a new project, I send out a creative brief to be filled out and sent back, so I can get an idea of the look and feel. Picking out fonts are an important part of that process. I always encourage people to be honest and authentic, because branding is all about you, and how you relate to your business and vice versa.  As an example, did you know I am a huge science fiction fan?  My favorite series and movies are Stargate.  You probably would not even guess that the font I used in the Third Eye part of my logo was inspired by the Stargate SGI logo.  Yes, I am that much of a geek.

What kind of fonts do you like and how do you feel they express your personality and branding?  Did you know Google has a large assortment of copyright-free fonts you can use as you choose?  Check out Google Fonts

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