Many people want to know why they are not on the first page of Google for their business category immediately after a website launch. I get this over and over again after I have built a brand new website. Sometimes when you build it, they will come, right away.  But, that has more to do with being in a smaller niche with very little competition.  If you have a brand new website, you need to do some marketing to get it out there or hire someone to do it for you.  Here are some really simple things you can do right away.

  • Get your business on Google Business Listings – This is the map on Google where people can find you locally.  It is free.
  • See if you can have prior clients give you reviews on your Google Business listing (see above). When people complete your service, ask them to review you on Google.  This helps with your ranking on Maps. 
  • Start an email newsletter and update them each month to stay in contact.  When they need you, they will remember you more easily from seeing it coming through each month. 
  • If you are not using Social Media it would be a good idea to do so. Posting articles from your blog would be a good start.  This would provide backlinks to your website.  If you do not have a Facebook Page, it would be a good start. 
  • Consider using Facebook or Google ads.  New websites do not get much traffic right away unless you are in a small niche.  If you set up either, it would drive more traffic until your website ages and you are able to receive traffic organically. 
  • If you like video and talking, start a YouTube channel. This will drive traffic back to your website as you gain more popularity on this platform.
  • Offer a service or product in a smaller niche so you can rank for that.  Create a landing page for this niche and optimize it via search engine-friendly keyphrases.  

These are things you can either do yourself or if you need help, I can do just that. 


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