How long does it take for SEO to show results?

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Ok, the official word according to research I have done is six months to a year. I know it sounds disappointing, but isn’t it best to make a change with expectations of long-term and lasting results? I do know that if you or I make changes to the text on a page, as well as the title and meta description, Google will crawl it within a month and your new metatags will show in search. Unofficially, and personally, I have noticed it takes about six months to begin seeing traffic from any changes. This has been the direct result of changes to landing pages on my own website, as well as new pages I create. I check my traffic every day and I have noticed I start getting traffic for keyphrases I added to a page around month six. I have also gotten feedback from clients of this timeframe as well.

Here are a few things that will affect your website ranking and how fast you can expect results:

  1. Age of the website, and authority
  2. Content and backlinks. By backlinks, this is people sharing your content. It should be quality over quantity.
  3. Targeted Keyphrases (higher traffic and lower competition) in your page title, description, and in the copy and images of your website.
  4. Responsive Design (layout changes according to the device you are using to view the page)
  5. How fast your website loads

I offer “SEO Light”. This means basic search engine optimization includes keyword research to find high traffic and low competition keyphrases, which I then use to create new page titles and descriptions. If it does not mess up the article intent of a page, I change the header and page text. I also tag the images on the page with these key phrases and submit the website to Google and Bing search console so it gets indexed faster and I can check on results down the line.

I do suggest a content marketing strategy using these key phrases as article or video ideas. This is something you can either do on your own or I can do for you (you supply the content). If your website needs speeding up there are ways to fix that and I can suggest it or do it for you. One thing I do not do is submit backlinks or directory links to your website. I believe in a long-term strategy of blog articles and social media submissions over the long term.

One thing I have noticed after doing some research for this article is that nobody seems to have a concrete answer to this question. Seriously, nobody knows..LOL. I think this is because Google changes its calculations every few months and the rules change. So, I use what has worked for me in the past and personal observation for “SEO Light”.


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