I need to re-do my testimonials page. I finally figured out I have quite a many testimonials on my Alignable page and it would be worth it to add them to my website. Why I did not think of this before? I have no idea. So, why are testimonials important, now more than ever?

  1. With in-person networking events almost non-existent nowadays, they are a good way to build trust with a potential client or customer. The more testimonials you have, the more people will assume your business can help them.
  2. They answer the question, how can you help me, and how do your product and service work?
  3. Back to number one, with in-person networking events not available, testimonials can work like referrals.

When you are building or redoing your website, make sure you get those testimonials up and center on your website. Sometimes even putting one or two on each page is important. As people browse your website, they can see how you helped others.


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