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I just spent the last month and a half moving my hosting over to a new one. It was a big pain in the butt but I am glad I did it. My now old hosting is from a very well known company that used to be pretty great with customer service and the quality of products. But, over the past year, I kept getting many error messages when I tried to update plugins, themes, and WordPress software. Sometimes the websites I was working on would break, just by updating a plugin. Thank goodness for hard copy backups and backups and restores though! The last straw was when I was working on a website in which it was 95% done and ready to move over to the clients hosting and I log in, poof, no website. I tried to restore it from backups, and the backups were completely gone. I contacted customer service to get the website restored and waited two weeks to find out they could not restore it. It has a happy ending though…I poked around and followed my inner guidance and did a few tweaks and got it back. I REALLY REALLY REALLY did not want to re-create the website from scratch, so this was a miracle to me.

Long story short, I moved everything I was working on plus my own website over to SiteGround and canceled my hosting account at Big Name Company. I pay 75% less, get better customer service, and the sites run faster, which is good for search engine ranking.

I think you can use whatever hosting company you think is the best and most efficient, but here is what I look for when recommending a hosting company.  

  • Good customer service – not making me wait on hold before talking to a real person.
  • Free SSL
  • Backup and Restore option – websites get backed up every day and it is super easy to restore if something goes wrong.

If you are not happy with your hosting company, I recommend Dreamhost as well as Siteground. Just my two cents. Sometimes you have to take the time to do something that will benefit you in the long run. I am happy I did what I did.


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