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Want to get a bit of traction on your marketing?  Share your recipe or how to idea.  This is something I do normally, but I noticed this tactic immediately when I was looking up a recipe on how to make boozy kombucha…you know, that fermented tea drink, only with alcohol.  You see, I started brewing my own kombucha this summer.  And after a few failed attempts, I got it just the way I like it.  It is non-alcoholic but I wanted to try and make it with higher alcohol content. 
So I searched the web and the first article that came up is from the company called Boochcraft, a company that makes hard kombucha.  I read the article and saved it on Pinterest for when my brew is ready to create a boozy one.  Not only did I save it on my Pinterest account, but I also shared it on Facebook and Instagram.  In addition, I browsed around the site and looked at all the flavors and made a note to pick some up the next time I am out and about.  This is genius marketing.  They are not worried about not getting any fewer sales because they shared their recipe because they know that not everyone is going to make it.  They might think about doing it but instead just decided to buy some in the store.  And the reason is, it was still in the top of their head from seeing it online so easily.
That is where marketing comes in.  It is not about getting instant sales of your product or services.  It is about keeping your name in your client’s head when they do need you.  You can do this by sharing content on your blog and newsletter, and sharing this information on social media.  Here is a photo of my “Kombooza” in the works.  I like mine with no caffeine so I make it with lemon balm from my garden and flavor it with ginger.  It is medicinal too. I have found it stops acid reflux within a minute and prevents it if you drink it with a meal. 


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