Does software make the designer?

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In my humble opinion, no.  With all the website templates being offered and using a website like Fivrr, it is possible to get a website designed without much knowledge of design principles.  Here are some things I see when people are putting together their own website.

  • Images have not been edited to be web friendly and to fit in the space.  I have seen images that are 300 dpi or 3000 pixels wide inserted as a graphic as is and shrunk by the program.  This makes the website load VERY SLOWLY.  Not only does have a slow website bring your ranking down on the search engines, it turns potential visitors away because they do not want to wait for it to load.
  • Fonts and colors are not consistent page to page.  Think of your website as your brand and even a book.  As you turn the pages, each one should look somewhat similar but different according to the content.
  • No search engine optimization applied to the pages.  I see each page coming up in search by the name of the website or the name of the page, for example “about”.  Who puts in the word “about” in the search engine to find what they are looking for?  You need a good title that explains what the page is about, and a description, and hopefully ones which were researched to have traffic and low competition.
  • Too busy and too much information all on one page. 
  • Not putting a way to contact you on the website…DuH!

How to fix it?  Just keep these things in mind…

  • A website should have easy to follow navigation
  • Have web friendly graphics, meaning not too big!
  • Clean layout 
  • Compatibility through all devices
  • Industry-appropriate design

Check out this article I found on  20 Skills Design Software Won’t Ever Replace.


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