Did you know you can apply search engine optimization to your Pinterest boards?  I noticed this was possible when I saw that another website designer who specializes in my niche put up a Pinterest board titled with the key phrases “holistic web design” and it was showing up in a search.  Naturally, that had my brain clicking to optimize all my boards so I could gain additional traffic in that way. If you would like to know how to do this, here are the instructions….super easy.

Open up your Pinterest account and browse to aboard. Hover your mouse over your board until a pencil symbol is visible.  Then click on the pencil and a screen pops up where you can edit the settings of your board.

Click on the pencil to update the settings of your Pinterest board.

Add a title and description for your board

In the settings area, you can add a title for your board, and a description.  If you know a bit about search engine optimization, know that you can use a keyword phrase that has a decent amount of traffic by going to Google Keyword Planner and doing a search for keywords related to your board.  When you find one or two with a good amount of traffic, use them in the title and description of the board.  This will help your board show up in the search for when people use that term, and hopefully bring you traffic if you have pages of your website on the board.

I also created a short video explaining how to do this. Good luck and hopefully you will get some traffic with this technique.


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