One of my clients recently asked if it was possible for the video we added to their website homepage to pop up and open full screen, so there were no distractions to viewing it.  After a brief google search online, I found a plugin called Divi Overlays that can do that, among other things.  The plugin only works with the Divi Theme framework, which I use exclusively for new website builds.  But, I thought it was a pretty handy plugin and I liked the way it looked on my client’s website.  Check out the video pop up on Samasati Sanctuary’s website.

If you are a designer and use Divi, check out Divi Overlays to implement it on your own website.  If you are editing your own website, just be forewarned it took me about 45 minutes to figure it out and get it working.  You just have to follow the directions.  Either way, I liked the results and Vinit and Rajyo did too!



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