Tips for Good E-commerce Design

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I was reading online some tips on how to make a great e-commerce website. Rather than just what they say verbatim, I can just give my humble opinion on how to design a great e-commerce experience.

Products front and center on the homepage and a clear statement of what you are selling and how it can improve their life.

Have you ever gone to a website and you leave not knowing what the person does, or what they are even selling? To me that is really bad design and salesmanship.

Simple, easy to use, minimal design

I think the focus should be on the products, not the layout and the graphics. Make it easy to find the products with very little distractions.

Make it easy to check out.

Enough said. Do not make people hunt for the shopping cart and check out page. A one-click buy now button is even better. Speaking of a one page check out, I just found an extension that can be added to the software I use to create an e-commerce website, One Page Checkout.  I like using WooCommerce for WordPress websites.

Excellent High Resolution Product Images

Since they cannot see and feel it in person, your best bet is to have high quality photos of the product

Fast Loading and easy navigation

Actually, all websites should be this way.

If you need help putting together a web store, or would like some suggestions on how to improve the one you already have.


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