What kind of website do you need when you are just starting out?

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I design all kinds of websites – re-designs, add-ons to existing, and many people are just starting out. You do not necessarily need a fancy website when you are in the start up phase.  It can get overwhelming to even begin to think about it when pondering all the features you might need.  What you do need is a professional-looking one with consistent colors, fonts, and spacing that tells people immediately what you do or what your products are, and how you can solve their problem. 

You can fit this in with just three to five pages.  You need a Home page or Introduction, so there is no guessing what your website is about, your services or product, a blog, and how to contact you.  You can always use a template and do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.  Although there is a cost-benefit to doing it yourself, I can always tell when someone has done just that.  Normally I see inconsistencies with font colors, sizes, and type per page, and spacing.  It is small stuff but glaringly obvious to me.   It is just like a writer or editor can tell I am a designer, not a writer…LOL.

With WordPress, you can start with a basic website and add on as your business grows.  If you think about a super fancy website with all the bells and whistles such as eCommerce ability, membership capability and more, it is easy to get into overwhelm and just not start at all.  Start small and add on as you grow.  


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