Online Meditation Teacher Training

I just finished up a rather large search engine optimization project for Transformation Meditation. They offer online meditation teacher training available all over the globe. The website has been around for almost twenty years.  They just had the website re-designed to a more modern look that was responsive to the screen whether a desktop or mobile device, but search engine optimization (SEO) was not done.  I basically added a plugin called WordPress SEO which creates an area on each page to add a descriptive title and description which appears in search engine results.  I did keyword phrase research per page to find higher trafficked key phrases with lower competition and used them for the metatags (title and description area).  I also added the key phrases to the header titles if it was appropriate, and the images on the page. Images should be optimized as well since they show up in a Google image search. I added a way for them to review the traffic weekly (Jetpack). 

The traffic they have been getting is very good but I am hoping with the work I did they will get additional traffic.  One thing they have going for them is the age of the domain,  Part of the secret equation of a higher search engine ranking is the age of the website, as well as URLs pointing to it.  With a twenty-year-old domain, my guess is there are many many.  Shree Wade gave me a bit of feedback saying the traffic was higher on a few days even though a newsletter was not sent out on that day.  Only time will tell, but now they can check their traffic daily and make adjustments as needed.


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