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I recently updated my Google Business Listing.  It was outdated with old projects, information, and photos so I figured it would be a good thing for me to do.  If you are a local business and get most of your customers from the surrounding area, it is a good idea to have one.  Why?  Because these listings show up first when someone does a search for your type of service or product. 

I noticed they made some improvements to the listing area.  You can now add the services you provide, as well as any products you have with a link to go that appropriate page on your website.  I went ahead and updated my listing with new photos, updated my business hours, and added a link to my Holistic Website Themes in the products area.  I would recommend if you do not have a listing, or if you have not updated it for a while, to go ahead and do so.   You are missing out on additional traffic by not taking advantage. 

Another way to improve your business listing is to get more reviews.  Additional reviews on your business listing will bring it up to further over your competition when a customer does a search.  So ask for those reviews after a service has been provided.   Put a link to post a review in your newsletter.  Post it on your Facebook page.

Hope that helps!


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