Whether to post your fees on your website or not

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This article was reprinted from Ed Gandia at https://b2blauncher.com/ with his permission.

You probably already have an internal price list.

This is the list you reference internally to quote writing projects.

But should you also post those fees on your website?

Some writers worry that if they post their prices, they’ll scare off prospective clients.

Because when you put your prices online, you don’t have the opportunity to give context for what you offer.

So should you post your fees or not?

Here’s my rule of thumb: If you’re in the early stages of your business and trying to grow, don’t post your fees.

Instead, welcome all inquiries and separate “good” prospects from “bad” through other methods, such as an exploratory phone call.

But if you’re more established in your business — and you’re spending way too much time responding to inquiries — then it can make sense to post your fees.

Or at least some indication of where your fees start for your two or three most common projects.

When you do this, tire-kickers and other low-budget prospects will disqualify themselves. They’ll see your fees, conclude that they can’t afford you and move on.

And you’ll have saved yourself time and hassle.

Meanwhile, the inquiries that you do get are much more likely to be good prospects.

So don’t be afraid to post your fees if your business is well-established.

But if you’re not there yet, continue to qualify prospects one-by-one.

Otherwise, you might turn away good prospects before they step in the door.

Have a good week!

Ed Gandia
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