E-commerce Website Transition

by | May 8, 2019 | Business Strategy, Clean Website Design, Ecommerce Websites | 0 comments

Last month I helped out my client Joseph Lobrutto transition his e-commerce solution to Woocommerce, which is a plugin used with WordPress.  He was using a previous one that was not all that flexible when it came to coupons. Joseph has several digital products such as e-books and mp3’s that needed virtual, downloadable versions.  He also needed a flexible coupon ability so he could create a free product for promotional purposes and email audience building.  Woocommerce can do it!

It was actually pretty tricky to set up because although I have e-commerce experience, I have not set up one up where there were so many variations of products.  He has a digital and physical version of most of his products, plus various coupon codes.  It was pretty complex.  But, now that I have that under my belt, the next one should be much more streamlined!


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