I was talking with a woman this week who was just starting out the brand spanking new in her alternative healing practice was looking for ways to get clients in the door.  From what I know, it is a process, although it is possible to get people in immediately, I am just not sure about the sustainability of instant clients.  My way is developing a relationship over time, whether it is online or in person networking.  There are ways to do this. My disclaimer is these are the ways I know of and use, but there may be others.


Build your website to be search engine friendly, so people searching for your type of solution can find you. Also, make sure you have a Google and Bing Business listing so people can find you through maps.  These listings come up in search before the organic one.  Want to learn more about search engine optimization?  Click here. 

Set Up Landing Pages for certain niches of clients and services.  Make sure the page is search engine friendly to your niche and either wait for people to contact you via the internet or you can promote on social media. 

Use social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Post examples or pain points.  I like to use these platforms for self-expression but also will post examples of my work, blog posts, or pages from my website. I have it set up on my website so that whenever I post a blog article, it will automatically get posted to these accounts.

Set up an email newsletter through your favorite email newsletter program.  I like to use MailChimp.  If you have been keeping a list of your current clients and customers you can add them but you can also set it up so there is an incentive to sign up, like a free gift.  I send my newsletter out twice a month.  Newsletters are great for staying in touch.

Recycle your newsletter content on your blog.  No need to invent the wheel.  Search engines like changing content and if someone likes your article you have a good chance of having them share it. More publicity.  Need digital marketing help?

Keep your website fresh.  Include recent testimonials, projects, and services. 

Write an ebook.  This one is not for me personally as I am not a writer, but I know when I read and download an ebook from Amazon, I like to learn more about them and visit their website. If I really like them I will sign up for their newsletter.  If you need a cover design I can help!

Youtube Videos.  Youtube is a search engine in and of itself.  If you do a promotional video, make sure the title and description is search engine friendly to your content.  You can also post your videos on your website and elsewhere. 

Ask for testimonials.  This can be on your Google Business Listing, LinkedIn, or your website. If you know the client or customer is happy, make sure you ask!


Networking, Networking, Networking and make sure you have your printed material like business cards. 


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