Visualizing and Meditation

by | Apr 13, 2019 | Business Strategy | 0 comments

Another thing I like to do to help with business, as well as life goals, is meditation and visualization.  If you think this is hoaky and just not for you, then of course, read no more.  But many athletes, celebrities, and successful business people use this to help the flow of creative ideas, set goals, and make things happen.  I like to do ten minutes a day in the morning before I start work.  I feel like it helps me slow down my speech when I have to talk on the phone and actually make sense, as well as stay focused. 

There are many different ways to use visualization but my favorite book I use over and over is “Creating Money” by Orin Da Ben.  There are many practical techniques and tips to get you in the flow mode to make things happen.  The key to meditation and visualization is to write down your ideas as you get them, and take ACTION.  I believe meditation and visualization put you in partnership with that higher aspect of yourself to bring you the ideas and opportunities, but of course, you have to take advantage of the opportunity.  Check out the book and by the way, I make no money from this. I just like the book


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