Google Plus is shutting down…

by | Feb 14, 2019 | Internet Marketing, New Technology and Services | 0 comments

The social network Google Plus is shutting down.  I had a client forward me a notice from Google stating they were shutting down the network and thus her account.  She wanted to know if she needed to do anything, or if I had to do anything.  Nope.  Honestly, I have not used it for years.  It used to be part of my branding package where I would set up and brand a clients social media accounts to match their website, but not anymore.  I found the business accounts were just about impossible to navigate and update, so I gave up.  I consider myself pretty good at figuring things out, as long as I want to figure them out in the first place, and it would take me ten or fifteen minutes just to add new photos to a Google Plus business account.  I was never able to automate blog postings to a Google Plus account as well.  The result of this aggravation is I never used it.   

That must have been the case with the many other people attempting to use the network, too difficult.  I found an article from Search Engine Journal stating that Google was shutting it down because of a security breach and also that it never really caught on. It is interesting how these social networks rise up and then die off, like Myspace.  Who knows if we will even be using Facebook ten years from now?  Who knows what will replace it, if anything?

If you would like to read the article, check it out here. 


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