I built my first website using Wix for a client recently, Jeanne Sedona.  We went back and forth about using WordPress but since she found Wix to be very easy to use, I went forward with the platform.  I think it came out really nice and she is happy she can easily go in and change her content.

To be honest, I much prefer WordPress to build a website with, but I think it is great for a business just starting out.  WordPress has much more flexibility with design. I do not have to use pre-made templates and then customize them when I use WordPress.  I can build from the ground up using my imagination.  The next drawback is you can not change a theme halfway into the design process with Wix.  You have to create a new website and start all over again.

But Wix is so easy to use you can create a great looking website very easily and quickly.  If you are a web design professional you can just concentrate on the design and feature, not figuring out how to make it work.  I found the process fun and easy and I am happy Jeanne is pleased with her new website.  I think it is a good platform for first time websites.  You can check it out at Jeanne Sedona.


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