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I was talking with a friend of mine who does computer repair and he was explaining how he used to show up easily in Google for the keyphrase “computer repair” in the town and county he is in, but now not so much anymore.  This was really affecting his business.  There were more than a couple of new businesses popping up that were taking the place of his listing.  This is just the effect of good old competition.  I gave him some advice that would be very helpful as a long-term strategy and It might be helpful to you as well.  

Here were my suggestions:

  • His website is not responsive.  It does not change shape whether it is a smartphone, tablet or desktop.  The search engines now place a higher ranking to sites that are responsive rather than not.  My suggestion was to re-do the website into a responsive one so he would rank better.
  • The website does not have an SSL.  Google now places a higher ranking to those websites with an SSL.  For me,  I did not notice an immediate traffic gain when I put an SSL on my website, but I have been noticing more traffic and inquiries over the past couple of months since. 
  • The website does have search engine optimization but only for the keyphrase “computer repair” for his local area.  That is too general.  I suggested he think about other areas he works on that might be good for creating separate pages to optimize for. As we talked, he said he was doing more Roku and Apple TV setup, as well as smartphone repair.  I suggested he set up separate pages on his website optimized for these different areas other than general computer repair.  The pages will show up in search when looking for this type of service in his area.  Basically, with competition being rampant, it is a good idea to specialize.

Although I made these recommendations for a computer repair business, this strategy can still apply to any business, especially about creating website pages optimized for niche areas.   

Take a look at your own website to see if you can improve in these areas.  If you take my suggestions, you will not see an immediate traffic jump, but over time things will improve to the point you will be glad you made the changes.


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