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I have been experimenting with Google AdWords for my website,  Obviously, I wanted to get more traffic and leads but I also wanted to see how to best use it so I can make suggestions to the people I am building websites for.  It is always the age-old question, now that it is built, how can I get more traffic and business?  Most new websites are not going to get much organic traffic through search engine optimization unless it is a very good niche without much competition from similar websites.  SEO is a long-term strategy where the search engines are relying on judging it’s popularity on whether it is being shared on other websites and social media, as well as the age of the domain.  This not so easy when you are new. So how do you get traffic right off the bat when you are starting out?  Google AdWords is one, as well as Facebook ads.  I tried Google Adwords for my experiment.

I used my knowledge of search engine optimization to do a keyword search for one of the pages on my website, the Holistic WordPress Themes page.  I wanted to get traffic from other niches and variations, not just Holistic Website Themes since I already rank pretty well for it.  I then used my keyword list to set up my ad, using a few from my findings for the title and description.  You can also use callouts and links on your ad, which is helpful.  Then, you pick your keyword phrases, set up a daily budget and hit go.  {Since I am not explaining the HOW of setting up your ad, you can always check out Entrepreneurs article on it, or hire me to do it for you!)
My conclusions?  I need a bigger budget!  I set up my ad for $50 a month, which was about $1.66 a day. This yielded me about two clicks a day.  And since I am a beginner with monitoring the ad, I am sure there were keywords that were much less expensive to use, but then again, who knows if they would have given me the results I wanted, new customers? 
I used the “exact match” strategy, meaning the keyword phrases I chose would allow no variations in search.  I really only wanted to pay for clicks that were in line with what people were searching for.  I knew they were not going to browse around if they landed on my site for another query but were not interested in getting their website re-designed or started.  That was just throwing money out the window.  

So there you go., If you are doing everything right on your Google AdWords ad and not seeing the result you want, you might just need to up your budget.  I would not suggest spending thousands of dollars you cannot afford but if you were budgeted for about $50 for the month and have an event you want to advertise or some other time-sensitive service or project, why not use that $50 for just a week so you get more clicks in that time period?  Experiment with your budget for just a few days but raise the daily budget and see what happens.  Shut it off when it goes beyond what you want to spend.  

My experiment was also a lesson in marketing.  People are going to find you if you are offering exactly what they are looking for.  Pretty simple, right?  


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