Tree and Rock Elemental

by | Aug 27, 2018 | About Third Eye Studio, Art, Blue Ridge Parkway, Nature | 0 comments

Here are some photos from hikes at Graveyard Fields and Waterfalls in Western North Carolina.  This is about a three mile round trip hike just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Brevard, North Carolina.  The past two weekends I have been capturing some interesting images that look like nature spirits.  You decide.

Here is a photo that was taken from a hike at Graveyard Fields and Waterfalls.  Not only were the trails covered with ripe blueberries and blackberry bushes, but apparently an Elemental decided to pose for a photo opportunity. Check out the face profile and wings in the bottom part of my photo.  You may or may not believe in these sort of things but I have decided nature is magical.

Grumpy Man in the rock at Graveyard Fields and Waterfalls.


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