Is Your Website Too Complicated?

by | May 21, 2018 | Clean Website Design, Creativity, Custom Web and Graphic Design | 0 comments

simple website design

I was recently asked to customize a purchased them from a potential client, and after taking a look at the design and layout it was just way too complicated.  She ultimately decided to use another simpler design but it did bring home the idea that minimal is the best way to go.

Why is that? I think it makes it easier for your visitors to easily and quickly find what they need.  Why make them work to find your information?  When designing, ask yourself if your design element is necessary to your page content.  If it is not, good idea to not use it.  You don’t have a website so that people will wonder at your logo and graphics, or admire your beautiful email opt-in.  You have one because you want to inspire your visitors to take action.  Good simple design can do that.

Here are a few reasons for a minimal website design:

  • A simple design is easier for the search engines to crawl which will help with your page rank. 
  • It is easier for your visitors to scan, which helps boost conversion rate.  Let them find what they need easily and quickly!
  • Simple looks more professional and timeless.

The next time you are thinking about re-designing your website just keep in mind that it needs to be organized and easy for people to find what they are looking for, and keep out the clutter.  Simple is best!


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