Ok, I know what it is but I looked up the official version after a potential client told me she just set up her first “Sales Funnel” on her website.  Here it is:

Well, those four explanations could apply to anything but I am talking about web pages and digital marketing.  The easiest example is a sales page on your website that people find either through organic or paid search, or maybe on a Facebook ad.  They land on your sales page, sign up for your newsletter or webinar in exchange for some awesome free gift or offer.  Once on your email list, they get to know you and your business over time and decide to buy your product or service.  Seems pretty simple.

Other examples:

  • Blogging (To gain interest and awareness)
  • Giveaways (To sign up for your newsletter and gain interest)
  • Webinars (Awareness and Interest, and an offer for a paid product or consult at the end) 
  • In person classes (Free or low priced to introduce customers to your product or service, upgrade to another product at the end)
  • E-Books
  • YouTube Videos

This looks like a lot of work.  Naturally, I can help with the implementation of your sales funnel idea via your newsletter or website.  Giving away a free gift to sign up for your newsletter?  I can set that up.  E-Book?  I do cover designs.  Sales Pageon your website?  I have that covered.  

You can get a free sales funnel template on this website page.  No, I am not an affiliate, I just think it is some good information. 


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