How to share website images on InstagramI just learned how to share images from my website, like new projects, on Instagram.  I have been using it for a couple of years but mainly just to take photos and share them online.  But, people do use Instagram to sell their products and services.  I am an “image based” business, so figured I better figure it out.  

It really is super easy.  Just use your smartphone and browse to your website. Find the page that has the image you would like to use and tap on the image.  You should get a message saying share and I just chose share to Instagram.  I like adding my website page address to the post as well, even though they are not clickable.  I can’t really say I have been getting more traffic but I think it is worth a shot and helps with brand awareness.

In addition, I have been sharing more images on Pinterest and noticed I have seen an increase in traffic to my website.  What I did was rename a few of the boards I have on Pinterest to reflect the niche keyphrases I was using on my website.  Pinterest boards DO show up in search engine results so it is a good idea to reflect what people are searching for via the title of your boards.  

Of course, the first step to tweaking your website traffic is to actually view the traffic you are receiving now to see where people are coming from and what pages they are going to.

I hope that makes sense.  Try it and see if it works!


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