I have been taking a couple of courses on Lynda.com to expand my skills and one of them is SEO Foundations.  I took a similar course on there about six years ago and pretty much taught myself how to optimize a website for the search engines.  It was well worth my time because I do come up on the first page of Google and Bing for the phrase “holistic web design”.  I am definitely in the first three listings for that query.   But, that course was years ago and I figured there had to be something new that would give me an edge. 

Many of the lessons were things I already knew but I did find this new to me thing called “Micro Data” or “Structured Data”.  Basically, it is a way to add some extra code to your website pages that tells the search engines much more information about what your page is about.  This code can tell the search engines things like the location of the business, the services it offers, price ranges. and more.  It is telling the search engines what to highlight and what is important.  From what I have learned, not many websites are using microdata so it can give you a heads up on traffic. 

But, I do not write code and I knew that I would not want to spend time on that kind of tedious task.  So naturally, I found a WordPress plugin that will do it for you.  The one I found was called WP Structured Data.  If you like to do things yourself, go ahead and install it on your website and try it out.  I found it quite easy to work with.  Here is a screenprint of the way it looks on your WordPress page.

If you would like me to add this plugin to your website and optimize the pages with it, please contact me and I will do it for you.


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