Technical help to upsell on your e-commerce website

by | Dec 5, 2017 | Business Strategy, New Technology and Services, Small Business, Website Templates | 0 comments

I am working on a couple of landing pages for a client where once you purchase a product, it automatically re-directs to another page to upsell to another product.  I am using the plugin Woocommerce (as shopping cart plugin) on the WordPress platform and I was wracking my brain on how to make that happen.  In theory, I think it is great as a way to lead people to more important pages on your website.  So, just a little bit of digging and I found Woocommerce Redirect.  You can use it in various different ways, such as if you have a membership website.  After payment, you can re-direct your client to a new page on how to log in and use the membership area.  You can direct people to sign up for your newsletter, after payment.  You can do what I am doing now, lead people into new pages with related products for purchase.  I think it is pretty cool.  

Good design is one thing, but you have to make the website work to get sales.  I think this plugin makes that much easier.  


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