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I have been experimenting with an AdWords campaign that drives traffic to a landing page I set up on my website. For those of you who do not know what a landing page is, it is a “lead capture page” on your website that appears in search through search engine optimization and online advertising. I did both. I made sure mine were optimized as well as adding an AdWords campaign.

So far it has not even been a month. Am I getting oodles of traffic and people contacting me? Nope. From what I can see, I AM getting more traffic, but so far no conversion in which people are contacting me to build a website or signing up for my newsletter. I am learning quite a bit and tweaking the pages and the campaign, on a daily basis.

So how do you set up a landing page that converts? I did some research and read some very lengthy (and boring) articles on what it takes to convert visitors to take action on your landing page. I will just give you the Cliff Notes version.

    • A headline with a strong call to action. This could be to sign up for your newsletter, call you, take action on one of your products and services.
    • Keep it simple. Do not have any links to other pages of your website. You just want to keep people on that page to learn more about you, your product or service, and to take action.
    • The call to action should be the first thing they see. As they scroll down they can learn more.
    • Set up an offer they cannot refuse, like a coupon for your services or a highly discounted first session or product.

If you want to check out mine, it is right here. I set it up for Spiritual type business like life coaches, healers, and intuitives. I think I did everything right and have a nice little bribe for people to sign up for my newsletter, with a coupon.

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Being that I did everything right, why am not getting the conversions? For one, my budget is probably too small. I have heard that you have to start with around $500 a month to get any real traffic, and that is not my budget. My niche might be too small as well. Of all the people needing websites, how many a month are searching for someone like me that fall into the category of healers? I also think that a new website can be an investment and I might have to offer a lower price point than a fully custom website design for a landing page offer. I think with a lower priced product there could be more conversions. I will give it until the campaign expires then try a Facebook ad to see how that goes. I will keep experimenting to see what works.

By the way, here is a great landing page as an example. I received an email from Prevention magazine and clicked on the link. I think it looks great and it worked on me, except that I did not order the $25.00 product. I looked up the book on Amazon and downloaded a sample to my Kindle Fire.



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