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Just a note to wish everyone a Happy Halloween and I hope you enjoy some fall events and maybe even some trick or treating.  I am on the fence about buying candy this year since last year we were prepared and nobody showed up.  I suppose I can get something that I would enjoy eating in the likely event I do not get any trick or treaters. The problem is my idea of candy is chocolate covered goji berries or some other health-related treat that might not go over well with the local kiddies.

As a tribute to Halloween, I found a few Geek-O-Lanterns, because I proudly fall into that category.  I especially love the Star Gate series and movies, but also enjoy Star Trek and Star Wars.  Enjoy!

Death Star Pumpkin

Star Gate Pumpkin
(check out my Star Gate poster.  I made it myself and it proudly hangs behind my desk)

Worf from Star Trek The Next Generation


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