Make Products From Your Art, Sell On Your Website, and Drop Ship to Customers

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I thought I would share some of the sources I have used to get products made from my art, and even places I have not used.  I have a store on my website for items created out of my personal art which leads to my Etsy shop.  I prefer it that way.  Etsy charges a small fee whenever anything sells and they have built in traffic. You can apply search engine tactics to your listings, giving you a better chance of people finding you and making a sale.  If you are a visual creator like me and want to make residual income, it is great.  Or, even if you just want to create and sell products online from your logo, you can do that and have the products drop shipped.  Here are my sources.

Finerworks –  High-Quality Art Prints and Canvases with your own branding. 
Art of Where – Make your own leggings, pillows, bags and more.
Vistaprint – Great pricing on business cards and all kinds of printed material for your business.  
All Over Print It – A company in the UK which makes all over printing for shirts.  My personal art is perfect for this type of printing, maybe yours is too!

There are much more but if something is working why spend time searching elsewhere?   If you are still curious, here is a good article on print on demand places – Best Print On Demand Websites.


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