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Hey there, I was going to write an article about all the decent appointment scheduling services out there but my first Google Search had just that, a huge list of appointment scheduling services for online businesses. So, instead of compiling a review of the services, one by one, I will just let you know the features I think are necessary.  Many of them are free or for a minimal investment of around $10.00 a month, but there are more robust applications for a much higher monthly cost.  With these types, you can send coupons, gift certificates, export your appointment list and add it to an email newsletter service and more.

Here is what I think is the basic feature you need for an appointment setting software.

  • Set your services and allow customers to book an appointment within your time frames
  • Easily embed a calendar for appointments on your website so it looks seamless and part of the page.
  • Accept payments for services while booking an appointment
  • Email and Text reminders of your upcoming appointment
  • Easily integrate with an email software program such as

Personally, I have used and set up Mindbody and Full Slate but I think Acuity Scheduling gives you the most bang for the buck with many needed features starting at $10 a month.  If you need appointment scheduling on your website, check out the extensive list I found online, right here.


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