I am now offering a monthly payment plan for website design. I realize your website is most definitely an investment in your business and many times it is not an affordable option to those just starting up. Because of this, I decided to offer a flexible payment option with an initial deposit and a monthly fee until the website is fully paid off. As you are making payments, the website will be fully live with your domain name, and you can use it to obtain leads, advertise your products, services, and classes. As with all website designs, I include search engine optimization built in and a way to track the visitors to your website. You will not have to put off moving forward because of your website, or lack of one!

Why am I doing this? Mainly because I get it. You need and want to keep moving, but feel you can’t because of the investment. I have the same issues, either bite the bullet and take action or keep things the way they are and get the same disappointing result. Contact me for the details.

Move forward with your life and business. Let’s do it! Samples of the work I have created are right here.


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