I thought I would share some of the things I have learned along the way to speed up your website, mainly your WordPress website, as that is what I normally work in right now.  I also found a great article to share with probably more technical information than you would like, so I will just let you know the main points.

  • Get good, quality hosting.  I like Godaddy’s Managed WordPress Hosting myself.  Cheap hosting can really slow down your website.
  • Reduce image sizes and delete images in your media area that you are not using.  
  • Delete all WordPress themes you are not using.  This takes up space and slows down your website.
  • Deactivate and delete all plugin-ins that you are not using and non-essential, again, this takes up space.
  • Reduce External Scripts (I know, what the heck are external scripts and how am I supposed to know what this means?)  These are things like YouTube videos that are embedded, live chat plugins, pop up forms, social media buttons, external commenting plugins…basically, things like that.

I have been working on reducing the page speed of my website so have been doing just these things.  Some things there are just a give and take.  I decided to keep some larger graphics because if I reduced the size too much it would make the graphics look fuzzy and unprofessional.  I think it is as important to have a nice looking website as it is to have one that loads fast.  There are also some items that have to do with the website theme I like using, and for design purposes and creativity, I decided to keep it.  Other than that, the easiest and quickest way to speed it up is to just delete any old WordPress plugins and themes you are not using.  It will make a huge amount of difference and you don’t have to mess with any code.

Check out the article too,  WordPress speed – How to reduce your load time to under 1 second.


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