Ready Made WordPress Theme for Intuitives and Energy Healers

by | Jul 7, 2017 | Holistic Website Templates | 0 comments

I just created a ready made custom Divi WordPress theme you can download and install as your own website.  Just fill in your own content.  The cost is $35 for you to download and install on your own domain.  This file comes with directions via text and video.


This is a simple two column website theme for intuitives, energy healers, and life coaches.  It comes with a ready-made blog, a sign-up form to link with your newsletter software, a plugin that keeps out hackers and spammers, and a way to track your website traffic.  It also has an area where you can list your events, based on a blog format.  This is everything you need to get set up as an intuitive and energy healer on the web!
The side photos are easily changeable and you can replace the Ethereal logo with your own.

If you would like me to install the theme on your domain, or use as a one-page website or multi-page, please email me for those packages.


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