How to automate your blog and social media posts and save time

by | Jun 11, 2017 | Internet Marketing, Marketing Online on a Budget, New Technology and Services, Search Engine Marketing Tactics | 0 comments

I just found out about from a new client.  I learn so much from the projects I am asked to do.  This website easily automates the many different tasks you do online.  Mainly I was interested in the ones having to do with a WordPress website.  As you all know the more you share your website articles on social media and elsewhere, the more traffic you will get, and thus, more customers.  With this website, you can automate your blog posts to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, and more.  And not only that, if you take an Instagram photo you can set it up so that the photo on Instagram is automatically posted to your WordPress blog.  This is instant content and pretty cool.   

There are many other time-saving automatons, so check it out.


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