Not Feeling Productive? Get Outside

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I know many of you are updating and creating content for your own website and call me only when you get fed up and want to throw something.  I get that way when I am troubleshooting, almost to the point of being obsessed.  I find if I continue to plug away while increasing my frustration, ideas and solutions are blocked.  An easy and simple way find answers is to just get outside for a 10-minute walk or meditation.  Many times a solution will pop into my head as I am on my walk, ready to implement when I am back at my computer.  Not only is taking a break good for being productive, it is healthy!

Taken from, the benefits of meditation.

Benefits of Meditation:

  • Meditation has great recharging capacity.
  • Meditation can improve focus and memory.
  • You will be energetic throughout a day just by doing half an hour meditation.
  • Meditation increases the blood circulation of your brain.
  • Regular practice of meditation will slow down aging.
  • With meditation, you have better planning capacity.
  • Meditation is the best stress reliever, and it doesn’t cost a penny
  • Meditation will enhance your creativity.

So the next time you are plugging away at your website or another thought-provoking project, just take a 20-minute hike around the neighborhood for clarity and solutions.  You are not being lazy or goofing off, you are being productive!

I did just that yesterday afternoon.  Someone interrupted my quiet time outside.  I heard a bunch of noise and this little guy had no manners for those seeking solitude.



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