How to Convert Visitors into Customers

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I was reading a good article on Entrepreneur on how to convert visitors to your website into customers.  Much of it had to do with good design, so of course I decided to let you in on the tips.

Site Speed.  With many more people using their smartphone to look at websites and purchase online, make sure your website comes up quickly.  I myself am a bit more patient, but not much.  The author says it should pop up within 3 seconds on mobile.  Naturally, I checked my own and a few clients to make sure.  They passed.

Strong Landing Page.  This might be my pet peeve.  I can’t tell you how annoyed I get when I got to someone’s website and it is not clear immediately what they do and how they can help me.  As the author says “Landing pages are successful when they succinctly tell your story, are relevant to your visitor’s needs and entice visitors to continue exploring your site.”  That sounds about right.

Valuable content.  Content marketing is important to keep people coming back and for new customers to find you.  If you are a holistic practitioner that can help a certain ailment, do an article on natural treatments for so and so issue.  These are the things people are searching for on the internet, how your business can solve their problem or increase enjoyment of their life.  “If you create ongoing content series that shares your brand’s story and communicates to your customer the value of your product or service, then your site’s visitors will be enticed to come back for more.” 

Check out the full article on Entrepreneur here.


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